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In "Tracing The Migrant Journey," we've heard dispatches from Honduras, the Mexico-Guatemala border and Guadalajara. Now we head to the border in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, just a 45-minute drive south of Yuma.
Aug. 19, 2019
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Federal lawmakers proposed a bill Friday to address broken treaty promises to tribal nations. The legislation is a response to last year’s report by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that revealed chronic underfunding of federal programs designed to support tribes.
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Tucson Sanctuary City Initiative Will Go to Voters

Local Republican organizers sought to keep the initiative from reaching the ballot in November. They sued in Pima County, and Friday afternoon, a judge threw out their argument. Judge Douglas Metcalf said in the ruling that the local GOP effort arguing there weren't enough valid signatures to make the initiative go to the ballot was wrong.
Aug. 17, 2019
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Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren took a moment at a presidential candidate forum to address Indian Country issues to apologize for claiming Cherokee ancestry, an issue that almost derailed her campaign.   
Aug. 19, 2019
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The new U.S. ambassador to Mexico arrived in Mexico City on Friday to fill a key diplomatic role that will put him at the center of continued disputes between the two countries on trade and immigration.
Aug. 16, 2019
Tracing The Migrant Journey: On The Ground In Guadalajara, Mexico
During the month of August, reporters from KJZZ's Fronteras Desk will be taking us to some of the key places migrants are traveling in hopes of a better life in the U.S. Kendal Blust takes us to a place where many asylum seekers are staying instead of heading north — Guadalajara, Mexico.
Special Report: Tracing The Migrant Journey
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SHIMANO 17 TWINPOWER XD 4000XG - Free Shipping from Japan During the month of August, reporters from KJZZ's Fronteras Desk will be taking us to some of the key places migrants are traveling in hopes of a better life in the U.S. Rodrigo Cervantes is now in a city in southern Mexico that could be heaven, hell or someplace in between for thousands of migrants.
Aug. 16, 2019
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A recent 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision involving a Mexican woman in Arizona said people can be removed from the United States after being convicted. Court documents said Eva Isabel Gonzalez Romo had a green card when she was convicted in Arizona of solicitation to possess marijuana for sale.
Aug. 15, 2019